Angry Wangry
Series 01, Episode 04
Air Date 19 March 2001
Previous Bone With The Wind
Next Lard

Angry Wangry is the fourth episode of the first series.

Summary Edit

Janet decides to become a student so Louise arranges for Janet to meet some of her uni friends.

Plot Edit

Janet decides to better her life by going back to college, so she meets up with Louise and her friend Cameron to decide what course to do. Cameron suggests that Janet should get up and read some poetry at a student get together, so off the gang go but Janet's verse is a cross between Sue Pollard and Ace of Base. And instead of applause she gets boo's.

So Jonny gets up on stage and begins shouting at the audience. On there way out Cameron approaches them to say Janet was crap but Jonny was really good and that he could have a regular slot if he ditches Janet but Jonny's not happy and knees Cameron in the bollocks.

Donna is not happy at Janets decision to go back to college and gets angry resulting in Louise calling her an angry wangry. Then later at home Flo also tells Donna she's a very angry person, this prompts Donna to try and control her anger. Meanwhile Gaz is becoming worried that women don't fancy him anymore now that he's got a girl friend so he asks Jonny to go to the disco with him to see if he can still pull. Unfortunately the girls they get talking to prefer Jonny's shy and hard to get attitude rather than Gaz's desperate attempt to pull.

Jonny decides it's all too much and goes home to watch the new ER episode, shortly followed by the girls who are still not impressed with Gaz. So he gets on his knees and rips open his shirt just as Donna walks in. But because Donna is controlling her anger she can't go mad with him so he gets a lucky escape this time.

Gaz's loves Donna's new attitude and take's advantage by telling her she should wear short skirts and change her hair while they are walking home along the canal edge but Donna manages to keep her cool and calmly pushes him in the canal!!!