Series 02, Episode 02
Air Date 22nd April 2002
Previous On The Blob
Next Dirty Girls

Bungle is the second episode of Two Pints's second series which was broadcast for the first time on the 22nd April 2002 .

Synopsis Edit

Jonny wins some money on a scratch card and everyone has their own ideas about how he should spend the money. Gaz wants Jonny to take him on holiday while Janet expects an engagement ring. She throws a dinner party to celebrate the occasion and to help Gaz and Donna get to know each other better - they're not having much luck in the conversation department.

Louise brings her new, posh boyfriend James to the dinner. James is desperate to get into her pants, but Louise is shocked when James reveals he is a virgin and not the 'sex monster' she had bragged about. Donna convinces her that this is a golden opportunity to get James to whatever she wants, so Louise orders James to lick her feet and bark like a dog.

The party is ruined when James asks Jonny when he's going ask Janet to marry him, so he and Louise can go back to his place and 'enjoy him'. Turns out Jonny has no plans to buy an engagement ring, he has other plans for the money...