300px|right Couchez pas le Garcon Sanky is a song from the episode "When Janet Met Jonny". It features Donna, Janet, and Louise.

Lyrics Edit

(Louise-Spoken): I think you'll find it does!
[Music Starts]

Oh Girl, you're so mistaken,
That boy is god forsaken,
His hair so greasy, his clothes are cheesy, and he stinks of kwik-save bacon...

Louise, you're just too wrong,
My feelings here are strong,
I think he's fit,
He's my Brad Pitt,
Have you seen the size of his tongue?

Couches pas le garçon skanky, (comme ca)x2

I think Louise is right,
He sure don't look your type,
He's skankerrific, oh, his breath's horrific,
He ain't pretty in daylight...

Skankerricfic's not a word!
It means terrifically skankified, it was on Call My Bluff.

Janet, can we speak,
This guy's a walking geek,
he's got no job.

Got a little knob.

He's a living, breathing freak!

Louise, you just hate men!

I ain't no manhater,
But stick to the vibrator,
He's no good,
His name is mud with a face like a potato...

Couches pas le garçon skanky, (comme ca)x2

Oh honey, can't you hear?
Your head's too full of beer,
You go with him,
You'll find your quim
Goes bad at your next smear.