Crusty Curtains
Series 02, Episode 05
Air Date 13th May 2002
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Crusty Curtains is the fifth episode of Two Pints's second series which was broadcast for the first time on the 13th May 2002.

Synopsis Edit

Donna moves in with Gaz and they decide to each write a 'list of demands' that they can compromise on. Donna's list is short and reasonable. Gaz's, however, is pages long and has her speaking in a Japanese accent on a Wednesday and referring to him at all times as 'Grand Master Ramrod'.

Jonny isn't speaking to Janet, despite Janet's pleas that her snog with Andy didn't mean anything - he didn't even feel her bum. Somehow this fails to console Jonny.

Louise is upset that Jonny and Janet might split up. Her attempts at reconciliation give Gaz a cunning idea. Gaz reckons Jonny should take advantage of Janet's guilt by getting her to do anything he wants. At first Janet is obliging, running Jonny's bath and agreeing to cook his favourite meal. But Jonny pushes Janet too far and she runs away... to Gaz's.

Meanwhile Louise goes to visit Donna, to find Janet at Gaz's, Janet wearing a man's T-shirt and Gaz wearing just a towel. She jumps to conclusions and runs to Jonny's to spill the beans on 'evil' Janet, only to find Donna round at Jonny's...