David Fish
First seen series three
Last seen Unknown
family Unknown
Portrayer Jonathon Dutton

David Fish is a recurring character in Two Pints who starts appearing from Series three. Through out his run in the series he is a student.

History Edit

In series three Louise gets a valentine card from a secret admirer who turns out to be a geeky guy from her schooldays who has turned into a rather good-looking bloke. He has a pseudo-Australian accent since he has been living in Melbourne for the last eight years and is now a student in the area. He performs well on their first night together but not at all the next night, due to exhaustion and (according to him) the "friction burns on [his] cock".

He had also had a one night stand with Donna a year previously, which upsets Louise and causes her to have a grudge against Donna for a while. David is something of a "new-age" man, being interested in self-help books and tai chi. He is eventually dumped by Louise as she thinks he is a "pretentious drongo".