Donna & Louise song

Donna & Louise is a Two Pints song.

Lyrics Edit

I've always had a pair of massive tits,
You can see them from Northwich,
But out in the town with mates,
Men never want me prostrate,
They go for Donna and Louise...

I'm not a minger, it's plain to see,
And I'm not built like Lisa Riley,
And I'd have any boy,
With a dick like a saveloy,
You'd fancy Donna and Louise...

Maybe he's out there in town tonight,
The voice in my head tells me, 'is he shite?'
I need a boyfriend,
Not sloppy seconds,
They all want Donna and Louise...

They fancy Donna and Louise,
Leo, Libra and Pisces,
Black or white or Mongolese,
I'm not fussed about herpes,
Just don't come near me, With knob cheese,
No no no,
Just don't come near me, with knob cheese...