Series 03, Episode 02
Air Date 2nd March 2003
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Fish is the second episode of Two Pints's third series which was broadcast for the first time on the 2nd March 2003.

Synopsis Edit

Janet agrees to quit smoking when Jonny tells her he doesn't want to be stood at the altar with her 'in an iron lung coughing blood and phlegm' at him. Nicotine deprivation makes her violently horny - with the emphasis on 'violent'. Jonny decides he prefers the old, cuddly Janet and hands her a fag.

Gaz thinks Donna doesn't fancy him any more because she doesn't want to have sex every night. After Jonny suggests Gaz buys Donna some sex aids, Donna comes home to find Gaz has gotten experimental with whipped cream and bondage gear. She runs out of the flat screaming, 'Pervert'.

Louise thinks her life is in danger when she arranges to meet her secret admirer. The admirer turns out to be an old school mate, David Fish. Thanks to 'Oil of Ulay', David has cured his problem skin and is now rather fit.