Jammy Dodgers
Series 03, Episode 08
Air Date 13th April 2003
Previous Fockin’ Mokky Bokka
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Jammy Dodgers is the eighth episode of the third series of Two Pints which was first broadcast on 13th April 2003.

Summary Edit

After making him wait for a month, Louise finally agrees to have sex with David, or rather, lets him, "enter the sacred passage del passion." She is horrified to find that David is an unstoppable sex machine.

plot Edit

Janet has decided that the most important thing about getting married is the presents, so she makes a wedding list. She insensitively insists that Donna buy her an expensive present, confusing Donna's generosity for a wealth, and ignoring the fact that Donna works for minimum wages at the bucket factory.

Jonny takes Donna to the dump in search of thrifty second-hand gifts. They bring home some truly disgusting items.

Janet is delighted to find amongst the foul-smelling boxes some valuable signed programmes from the 1950 Cup Final, worth enough to finance as many wedding presents as her heart could desire. Sadly, Liverpool lost to Arsenal in that particular match, so Jonny and Gaz burn the programmes.

Meanwhile, Gaz attempts to teach Munch how to chat to women, and David introduces Louise to his attractive and deaf cousin, KP.