Munch (Episode)
Series 03, Episode 01
Air Date 23rd February 2003
Previous Mo Mo And Pigsy
Next Fish

Munch (Episode) is the first episode of Two Pints's third series which was broadcast for the first time on the 23rd February 2003.

Synopsis Edit

Janet insists Jonny return Andy's ring, get a job and buy her a proper engagement ring - from Argos. Jonny tries to find work but his job hunt is thwarted by a sex-starved cat. Eventually, he admits defeat and tells Janet the engagement is off as he can't find a job. Janet realises that love is more important and proposes to Jonny, with a bacofoil ring.

A lad named Munch turns up to work at Gaz's garage claiming to be the half-brother Gaz never knew he had. At first Gaz objects to working with such a 'yoghurt brain'. But he is won over when he discovers his new brother has 'Munch Magic' with cars, chipsticks and brown sauce sarnies, and a wicked porno dvd collection to boot.

Louise thinks she has hit paydirt when she starts dating the ultra-rich Andy. Her illusions are shattered when Andy leaves her to pay their £150 dinner bill and then runs over a tramp's foot with his Lexus. Turns out not only does Andy 'not talk about money', he also doesn't spend it.