On The Blob
Series 02, Episode 01
Air Date 15th April 2002
Previous Ugly Babies
Next Bungle

On The Blob is the first episode of Two Pints's second series which was broadcast for the first time on the 15th of April 2002.

Synopsis Edit

Donna thinks she's pregnant and Gaz, scared out his wits at the prospect of becoming a father, runs through the streets of Runcorn in his pants. Janet advises Donna to talk to Gaz but according to Donna there's no talking to him, 'just a series of grunts and farts before he falls asleep'.

Following some for-once useful advice from her mum, Donna realises she is not up the duff. But Gaz has adjusted to the idea of being a father, even looking favourably on the chance to be as stable and responsible as Patrick Duffy. Janet tells him that even though he won't be a father, he can still be a 'responsible adult manly man' by having a 'loving adult relationship' with Donna. Inspiration strikes and Gaz invites Donna out on a proper date. Donna is thrilled until she finds herself drinking a can of brew in the promised fine drinking establishment - Gaz's garage.

Meanwhile, Louise exercises her psychic powers and, following the spirits' career advice, Jonny undertakes a new career involving a black leotard...