Series 1 was first brodcast in 2001 on BBC TWO.

It introduced the six main characters. Gaz, Janet, Johnny, Donna and Louise.

Synposis Edit

When Janet decides that her best friend Donna and her boyfriend Johnnys friend Gaz would be good together. It sparks off one of the most popular love affairs on television. Donna and Gaz end up sleeping together but Gaz refuses to take the next move. Janet tries to be funny and then discovers she is funny at insulting people. Louise feels like an outsider of the group because Johnny has got Janet and Donna has got Gaz


Primary CastEdit

  • Will Mellor as Gaz Wilkinson
  • Sheridan Smith as Janet Smith
  • Ralf Little as Johnny Keogh
  • Natalie Casey as Donna Henshaw
  • Kathryn Drysdale as Louise Brook

Secondary CastEdit

  • Beverly Callard as Flo Henshaw


  1. Fags, Shags And Kebabs
  2. Spunk
  3. Bone With The Wind
  4. Angry Wangry
  5. Lard
  6. Ugly Babies

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