Series 2 of Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisp was broadcasted in 2002. The five regulars that appeared in Series 1 all returned for Series 2.


==Cast== johnny keogh (ralf little) Garry “gaz” Wilkinson (will mellor) Janet smith (sheridan smith) Donna Henshaw (Natalie Casey) Louise brooks (Kathryn drysdale) Flo Henshaw (Beverley callard)

Primary CastEdit

  • Will Mellor - Gaz Wilkinson
  • Sheridan Smith - Janet Smith
  • Natalie Cassidy - Donna Henshaw
  • Ralf Little - Johnny Keogh
  • Kathryn Dysdale - Louise Brooks

Secondary CastEdit

  • Beverly Callard - Flo Henshaw


  1. On The Blob
  2. Bungle
  3. Dirty Girl
  4. Vomit
  5. Crusty Curtains
  6. Mo, Mo and Pigsy