Ugly Babies
Series 01, Episode 06
Air Date 2 April 2001
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Ugly Babies is the sixth and last episode of the first series which was first broadcast 2 April 2001.

Summary Edit

Jonny is fed up with his dull, dull life, and wants excitement. Nothing satisfies... until Janet tells him she might be pregnant.

Plot Edit

Jonny is fed up with his dull, dull life, and wants excitement. Abseiling, pony-riding, getting drunk with Gaz - nothing satisfies... until Janet drops a bombshell of the pram-pushing variety. Jonny can't believe she may be pregnant. After all, isn't the alcohol level in Janet's blood to high to conceive?

Gaz and Donna have a communication problem: she wants to talk, he just craves sex. So when Donna starts to tell Gaz Janet's news, he thinks Donna's announcing her own pregnancy, and responds as only Gaz can - by running away.

Luckily Louise, determined to prove she's not insensitive, sets about putting everyone straight. Her rousing speech helps Jonny face up to his newly responsible future. Armed only with beer and unusual gifts for their partners the boys return home, and discover that their futures may not be quite what they'd been led to believe. Janet is not pregnant and Donna has something important to tell Gaz. But Gaz runs out his flat, before Donna can say anymore...